Maintaining Your Roof

On average in Florida the life span of a shingle roof is 12-15 years. These are some things to look for to verify if your roof is in need of repair or replacement.

  • Missing, curling, cupping, broken or cracked shingles
  • Damage or deterioration around the flashing of chimneys, vents, and other junctions.
  • Damage or deterioration in the valley areas of the roof
  • Excessive granular loss found in the gutters and downspouts

Usually roof problems are discovered after a leak shows up or when other serious damage occurs. Periodic roof inspections twice a year often uncover cracked, loose, wrapped or missing shingles, loose seams and other visible signs of roof problems.

You can look inside your home to identify roofing problems as well such as cracked paint, ceiling stains, discolored drywall or plaster and peeling wallpaper.

Maintenance is important to get the expected life span from your roof. Below are some recommended maintenance procedures from Orange County Roofing and the Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal, and Air Conditioning Contractor’s Association (FRSA) to help ensure you get the most out of your new or existing roof.

  • Inspect your roof at least twice yearly.
  • Inspect your roof after severe weather.
  • Clean debris from the roof.
  • Remove leaves, twigs, branches, paper or plastic that could plug roof drains or gutters and downspouts.
  • Notify a State Certified Roofing Company immediately after a roof leak is found.
  • Do not allow the installation of antennas, satellite dishes, and mechanical equipment or other roof penetrations without notifying your roofing contractor if your roof is under warranty.

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