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Solar Attic Fans


On hot, sunny days, as the sun's heat hits your roof, your roof becomes very hot.  This heat in turn heats up the air inside your attic.  If the hot air stays inside your attic, the heat from this air will eventually enter your home.

While attic insulation slows the hot air from seeping into your home, it does not eliminate it completely.  If your attic is not very well insulated, it will do little to stop the heat from getting through.  Additionally, this hot air stays long after the sun goes down, so the process of heat seeping into your home can extend well into the evening.  An attic ventilation fan can drastically help this cooling process.

A solar-powered attic ventilation fan runs exclusively off solar power.  Outside air is forced through the attic and out the vent to effectively cool the attic space.  This method of attic ventilation is much more effective than natural ventilation since the air inside the attic is exchanged more times per hour with a solar-powered vent than with ventilation methods like ridge vents, turbine vents, dormer vents and gable vents.  In addition, using a solar-powered attic ventilation fan is much more environmentally friendly as there are no fossil fuels burned in the powering of the fan.

To see if your home or business is a good candidate for a solar-powered attic fan, call us today!


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